School Services

Sunbury - PEGS, Ess/Keilor College, St Bernards, Rose Hill, Ava Maria (S1751 & S1761)


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Service connects with Riddell and Gisborne Route Service buses morning and afternoon for school transfers. Passengers to board bus showing "Ess'n Keilor College" sign (Bay 2) for AM service and "Sunbury Station" sign for PM service

Schools Serviced

PEGS (East Keilor Campus)

Essendon Keilor College (East Keilor Campus)

Rosehill SC

St Bernards

Ava Maria

Essendon Keilor College (Essendon Campus)

Timetable (AM)
Time Stop Location
7:50amSunbury Station
7:51amMiller St
7:51amNeil St
7:52amVineyard Rd
7:53amRosenthal Shopping Centre
7:53amRosenthal Blvd
 Diggers Rest
7:57amPlumpton Rd
7:57amIngot Rd
7:58amSearch Rd
7:59amGlitter Rd
8:00amDiggers Rest Railway Station
8:01amBulla Diggers Rest Rd
 Keilor North
8:11amKeilor Golf Coarse
 Keilor Park
8:26amCollison St
8:27amErebus Rd
8:28amRoberts Rd
 Keilor East
8:30amPenleigh & Essendon Grammar (East Keilor Campus)
8:31amEssendon Keilor College (East Keilor Campus)
8:45amAva Maria (Cooper St)
8:50amEssendon Keilor College (Essendon Campus)
Timetable (PM)
Time Stop Location
3:35pmVida St (Essendon Keilor College (Essendon Campus) / Ava Maria)
3:50pmRosehill Secondary College / St Bernards
 East Keilor
3:50pmPenleigh and Essendon Grammar (East Keilor Campus)
 Keilor North
4:08pmKeilor Golf Course
 Diggers Rest
4:14pmDiggers Rest Hotel
4:15pmDiggers Rest Railway Station
4:16pmMullock Road
4:16pmSearch Road
4:17pmPlumpton Road
4:18pmPlumpton Road
4:23pmRosenthal Blvd
4:24pmRosenthal Shopping Centre
4:25pmNarani Court
4:27pmNeill Street
4:28pmMiller Street
4:30pmSunbury Station


Last Updated: 14-Jan-2022

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