School Services

Riddells Creek - Sunbury


Service provided by Department of Transport (Victoria)


2023 Route

Schools Serviced

Sunbury College

Salesian College

St Anne's Primary School

Sunbury Downs College (via link bus)

Timetable (AM)
Time Stop Location
 Riddells Creek
7:58amMain Street (Gap Road)
8:00amMain Street (Montessori Pre-School)
8:03amRiddell Road (Campbells Road)
8:05amRiddell Road (Nolans Road)
8:07am1240 Riddell Road
8:08amRiddell Road (Palmer Road)
8:09amRiddell Road (Settlement Road)
8:13am460 Riddell Road
8:19amSunbury College
(Sunbury Downs students transfer via link bus)
8:25amSalesian College
Timetable (PM)
Time Stop Location
3:30pmSalesian College
3:35pmSunbury College
(Sunbury Downs students transfer via link bus)
3:42pm460 Riddell Road
3:44pmRiddell Road (Settlement Road)
3:45pmRiddell Road (Palmer Road)
3:46pm1225 Riddell Road
 Riddells Creek
3:47pmRiddell Road (Nolans Road)
3:48pmRiddell Road (Campbells Road)
3:52pmMain Street (Riddells Creek Post Office)
3:55pmMain Street (Gap Road)


Last Updated: 23-Feb-2023

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