School Services

Fentona - Sunbury


Service provided by Department of Transport (Victoria)


2023 Route

Schools Serviced

Sunbury College

Salesian College

Clarkefield Primary School

Goonawarra Primary School

Our Lady of Mt Carmel Primary School

Sunbury Downs Secondary College

Timetable (AM)
Time Stop Location
7:33amGellies Road (Southern Plains Road)
7:37amWildwood Road North (Feehans Road)
7:40amWildwood Road North (Konagaderra Road)
7:43amBoggy Gate Road (Havelock Road)
7:45amBoggy Gate Road (Fenton Hill Road)
7:46amBoggy Gate Road (Hillview Drive)
7:47amBoggy Gate Road (Heaths Lane)
7:49amHeaths Lane (Lancefield Road)
7:54amLancefield Road (Station Street)
8:00amClarkefield Primary School
8:01amLancefield Road (Williamsons Road)
8:02amLancefield Road (Clarke Court)
8:03amRaes Road (Lancefield Road)
8:04amStockwell Road (St Ronan's Court)
8:06amStockwell Road (Balbethan Drive)
8:07amBalbethan Drive (Lancefield Road)
8:15amGoonawarra PS
8:18amOur Lady of Mt Carmel PS
8:25amSalesian College
8:30amSunbury College
(Collect students from other buses)
8:45amSunbury Downs Secondary College
Timetable (PM)
Time Stop Location
3:20pmSunbury Downs Secondary College
(Students for other buses transfer at Sunbury College)
3:30pmSunbury College
3:35pmSalesian College
3:38pmOur Lady of Mt Carmel PS
3:42pmGoonawarra PS
3:48pmLancefield Road (Balbethan Drive)
3:49pmLancefield Road (Raes Road)
3:50pmLancefield Road (Clarke Court)
3:51pmLancefield Road (Williamsons Road)
3:54pmClarkefield Primary School
3:56pmLancefield Road (Station Street)
3:57pmHeaths Lane (Lancefield Road)
4:02pmBoggy Gate Road (Heaths Lane)
4:05pmBoggy Gate Road (Hillview Drive)
4:07pmBoggy Gate Road (Fenton Hill Road)
4:09pmBoggy Gate Road (Havelock Road)
4:11pmWildwood Road North (Konagaderra Road)
4:14pmWildwood Road North (Feehans Road)
4:18pmGellies Road (Southern Plains Road)


Last Updated: 23-Feb-2023

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