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Epping / Roxburgh Park - Aitken College


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Updated 2021 route

Schools Serviced

Aitken College

Timetable (AM)
Time Stop Location
7:30amEpping Plaza (opposite Northern Hospital car park)
 Roxburgh Park
7:56amThomas Brunton Parade (David Munroe Drive)
7:57amDonald Cameron Drive (Thomas Brunton Parade)
7:59amDonald Cameron Drive (Southern Cross Drive)
8:00amBridgewater Road (Donald Cameron Drive)
8:01amJames Mirams Drive (Truscott Avenue)
8:02amJames Mirams Drive (Arena Avenue)
8:03amJames Mirams Drive (Lombard Street)
8:05amLysterfield Drive (Barmah Grange)
8:07amFairways Boulevard (Mission Hills Way)
8:08amLakes Drive (Dewvale Place)
8:09amLakes Drive (Fairways Boulevard)
8:11amNewlyn Drive (Ramsbury Street)
8:12amNewlyn Drive (Pembroke Crescent)
8:14amBridgewater Road (Hothlyn Drive)
8:15amBridgewater Road (Hayfield Road)
8:16amBridgewater Road (Wattleview Road)
8:18amRoxburgh Park Drive (Kennedy Parade)
8:19amRoxburgh Park Drive (McKenzie Crescent)
8:20amRoxburgh Park Drive (Pinnock Avenue)
8:21amRoxburgh Park Drive (Silvester Parade)
8:22amRoxburgh Park Drive (Purcell Crescent - north entry)
8:23amRoxburgh Park Drive (Manley Avenue)
8:26amSomerton Road (Magnolia Boulevard)
8:30amAitken College
Timetable (PM)
Time Stop Location
3:25pmAitken College
 Roxburgh Park
3:30amSomerton Road (Magnolia Boulevard)
3:34amRoxburgh Park Drive (Manley Avenue)
3:35amRoxburgh Park Drive (Purcell Crescent - north entry)
3:36amRoxburgh Park Drive (Silvester Parade)
3:37amRoxburgh Park Drive (Pinnock Avenue)
3:38amRoxburgh Park Drive (McKenzie Crescent)
3:39amRoxburgh Park Drive (Kennedy Parade)
3:42amJames Mirams Drive (Arena Avenue)
3:43amJames Mirams Drive (Lombard Street)
3:45amLysterfield Drive (Barmah Grange)
3:46amFairways Boulevard (Mission Hills Way)
3:47amLakes Drive (Dewvale Place)
3:49amLakes Drive (Fairways Boulevard)
3:50amNewlyn Drive (Ramsbury Street)
3:52amNewlyn Drive (Pembroke Crescent)
3:54amBridgewater Road (Hothlyn Drive)
3:55amBridgewater Road (Hayfield Road)
3:56amBridgewater Road (Wattleview Road)
3:58amBridgewater Road (Donald Cameron Drive)
3:59amDonald Cameron Drive (Southern Cross Drive)
4:01amThomas Brunton Parade (Donald Cameron Drive)
4:02amThomas Brunton Parade (David Munroe Drive)
4:21pmEpping Plaza (opposite Northern Hospital car park)


Last Updated: 12-Nov-2021

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